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What are "Patterns"?

Although I'm from Bjelovar, Croatia, it would be only partially correct to say that this is a Croatian project. Patterns of Attachment came to be in the spring of 2019. It was at that time that I quit my job and moved in with my girlfriend who was living in Almaty.

It's hard to say how much would my sound differ if it came to be somewhere else. After all, creativity doesn't depend only on our surroundings. What we carry in ourselves at the moment is always intertwined with those outside influences as well as with a lifelong adventure of exploring all kinds of different music genres.

In the beginning, ''Patterns'' had no specific sound. They started out as an exploration. Since I barely ever played a piano before, I always leaned towards a guitar, I was just learning and enjoying. Half of the day I was doing web design and in the other half ''Patterns'' were being developed. Compositions, arrangements and the sound color were gradually shaped to become as eloquent as you will hear them today.

So, before returning to Croatia, these songs that are laid out before you got their backbone there, in the old building on Aimanova street. No matter what the future will bring in terms of sound and musical concepts, the origins of the "Patterns" lie in that area of Kazakhstan 5km below the Alatau mountain and 600km from the Chinese border.

Central themes

"Patterns" are about patterns of living. Patterns of interaction among us. Patterns of behavior. Patterns of attachment to everything and everyone that we encounter. "Patterns" are what makes us tick.


I love music regardless of genres. Throughout my life, I have listened everything from the Doors, Glass Candy, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Cocteau Twins, Bad Religion, Kraftwerk, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Prodigy, Clash, Miles Davis, New Order, Aphex Twin, Pet Shop Boys, Leonard Cohen, Dire Straits, Ramones, Gramatik, Johnny Cash, Chromeo, Boards of Canada and a bunch of others from all of these respective genres.

Still love to listen to all of them from time to time, but I have to single out New Order as one of my favorites that I come back to most often.

Musical direction

After reading about all the diverse music that I listen or have listened at some point in my life, interesting question arises: What can you expect from "Patterns"?

Intertwined melodies, textured landscapes, deep pronounced bass lines, funky rhythms and haunting dreamy leads conversing, asking and answering questions to one another are what awaits you. All driven by thick powerful kick beats and the marching of hi hats, each note vividly coexisting with the others.

It is more appropriate to use a designation "musical directions" than a "musical direction" since it's an amalgam of my music tastes and ideas. I have always characterised it as progressive synthpop but my wife once described it as "Galactic romanticism". I really liked it and since then I have adopted it as the name of the style. Have a listen and you'll see that there's really no other name that you could call it.

Evoking memories and daydreaming about the future, "Patterns" will take you down the road of remembrance and longings (for the times past and the times that would be gladly welcomed again). "Patterns" will show you what attachment means - what you do with it is on you.

Visual art

Trees and leaves, river deltas, galaxies, blood vessels, seashells, DNA, flowers, snowflakes, mountains, water drops and coastlines, to name just a few, are examples of fractals in nature.

A fractal is a never ending pattern that repeats itself at different scales. It is defined as a fragmented geometric shape which can be split into parts that are considered a reduced copy of the whole (think of a tree as a whole and a small branch of the same tree as a reduced copy).

Some of the practical uses of fractals are in computer file compression systems, architecture of the networks that make up the internet, production of stunning and realistic computer graphics, landscapes in sf movies, prediction of earthquakes and even in description of variations in a person's heartbeat.

In "Patterns of attachment" fractals symbolize / represent our attitudes and behavior towards everyone and everything around us. Picture a relationship that you have with 2 of your friends. Picture the similarity, the nuances, the differences, the nature of it. One of them is a better friend but both are your friends. One of those relationships is a magnified version and the other one a reduced copy of the same concept - both are friends but on a different scale.

Fractals shape us and our interactions with people and the world around us on a daily basis even if we don't notice it and have never thought about it.

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